Admissions are open to all nationalities with first priority to Indian Nationals and those who prefer the Indian curriculum (CBSE, New Delhi). Our main intake of student enrolment for the Academic Year that starts in April is from January - March. The second intake is after the 15th of August, just to fill seats that fall vacant due to TC. It is mandatory for the student applicants to submit the evidence of TC & Report Card issued from the previous institution.

Admission during the year depends on the availability of seats in each class from time to time. Admission to the higher classes is based purely on merit.

Admission Enquiry Form

Purchase the enrolment form and return the duly filled forms to the School Office within 3 days of receipt. Delay in submission of the application and the relevant documents will result in disqualification


(Hindi / Arabic knowledge is compulsory at the time of Admission Test)

JKG : Study Skills, Language Skills, Numerical concepts, Vocabulary with pictures or objects, Pencil grip

SKG : Capital Letters and Small Letters (Print Script), Numbers (0-50), Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written), Communication Skills, Basic Number Concepts

Grade 1 : Numerals & Number names: 1 to 100, Basic vocabulary, Basic Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written).

Grade 2 : Addition, Subtraction, Tables,  Basic Grammar and Composition in English/ Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written).

Grade 3 : Composition, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Tables, Speed in Mental calculation, Basic Grammar and Composition in English/ Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written)

Grade 4 - 6 : Level - wise Basic Grammar and Composition in English/ Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written), Math Problem solving skill test.

Grade 7 - 9 : Level - wise Basic Grammar and Composition in English/ Hindi/Arabic (Spoken & Written), Math Problem solving skill test.


September intake is focused on the portions covered during April – June in the previous school in the relevant class


Admission for Grade II and above will be subject to MOE approval to be obtained on submission of the following documents to the School:

  • Original TC duly attested by the concerned authorities of the home country (School & the Board of Affiliation)
  • Original TC has also to be attested by the respective Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Country of current residence.
  • Original Report Card
  • Medical Certificate

LKG : 3 years as of 31st March

JKG : 4 years as on 31st March

SKG : 5 years as on 31st March

Grade 1 : 6 years as on 31st March

so on and so forth till Grade 9

**Age factor will be subject to CBSE regulations from time to time.

Second Language Option : Arabic / Hindi / French from JKG onwards

Third Language Option : French / Malayalam / Tamil / Arabic from Grade 4 onwards