Although we’re in one of the most bustling parts of the Country, we’re never short on quiet, devoted space for all aspects of schooling. The new renovated Kindergarten and the Zinj Campus has all facilities that’s #naturallyNHS The campus has ample space for playgrounds, Car Parking and further expansion.

Safety First

The whole campus including Classrooms are under CCTV surveillance, Civil Defence approved Fire Safety and other safety measures, to ensure the safety of the children.


Our classrooms have been designed to be light and spacious — vividly arranged with learning materials that uplift and motivate our students to perform at their best.They  are all provided with Projectors and network connectivity.

Sporting Facilities

The entire sporting facility of Ahli Club including the Multisport Indoor halls, Swimming Pool,  full-sized, multifunctional gym and at our disposal during the School hours. The comfortably sized green space is available for your child to play games outside on a regular basis. We also have Basketball, Tennis, Badminton Courts and other sporting facilities which  allows your child to experience a wide range of sports, encouraging an active lifestyle alongside great teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

School Library

Every NHS student cherishes the visit to the library where a set of exciting books welcomes him to transport him to the word of fantasy and imagination.  Our library houses books that instil in our students a love for literature and kindle their  curiosity & awareness.

Computer Lab

A State of Art computer lab is another feature which NHS can be proud of. Each student gets a computer to work on and hone his skills under the guidance of qualified and experienced computer teachers.

Science Lab

Our science lab helps students to remember the concepts better and to transfer the experience to real-life situations. It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments and measurements may be performed.


NHS takes the issue of well-being of its students very seriously and has qualified Nurses on both campuses to take care of the students whenever the need arises. The students are supported by them at the school in case of any medical issues according to MOE's instructions.