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NHS provides with numerous co-curricular activities, we provide a robust platform for your child to follow their interests and enhance their talents beyond our curriculum. As your child builds their skills, they’ll also realize their potential and become truly ambitious in pursuit of their passions.

Our Unique concept focuses on holistic development of the child, for that we are setting individual Goals in Extra Curricular Activities, Sports & Fitness and Soft Skills Development.

Extra curricular Activities

Art & Craft

In order to encourage creativity, we have integrated ART to our Curriculum. The art program involves exploration with a wide variety of media, techniques, and colour, and reinforces focus on creativity and innovativeness. Art & Craft becomes an integral part of all activities of the school, throughout the academic year Each creative activity is an opportunity for your child to embrace a new challenge. Through hands-on learning, the child is more likely to remain engaged and to build upon their creative problem-solving skills.

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NHS dance program provides a kinesthetically-enriched and interdisciplinary curriculum that strengthens the entire educational experience for all students. We provide a platform for learning and enhancing their dancing skills in contemporary and classical dance forms. Dance plays an integral role in the development of a well-rounded student, while also enhancing the learning in other subject areas. Students participate in the annual dance concert performances and competitions.

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NHS drama program provides students the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of theatrical lenses. The actor’s toolbox (body, voice, and imagination) is explored through storytelling, movement, scene study, and more! Skills in drama provide empathy, spatial reasoning, ease in public presentation, and self-confidence. The performing arts offers students an opportunity for self-exploration and team building, as each grade forms a unified ensemble. Inter-house Drama competitions and other larger platforms for the children to showcase their talents are scheduled every year.

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Soft Skills Development

NHS believes in holistic development of the students and provides platform to develop leadership skills, communication and public speaking skills, which are essential for any individual to succeed. We conduct regular, Debate, Table Topic Contests, Group Discussions and other soft skill development programs to provide our children with a strong personality and depth in character.

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Sports Life

We at NHS believe that health and fitness are equally important as intelligence and knowledge acquisition. The sporting skills you acquire at younger age will stay with you forever, we would like to instill fitness as a way of life for our students. We are blessed with the state-of-the-art sporting facility at our new campus at Zinj, with the entire facilities of Ahli Club at our disposal, including large indoor multisport halls, swimming pool, tennis, basketball courts etc.

We will be providing training for the following sports at NHS.


We have formed multiple Clubs to enrich the children with reallife experience in their areas of interest. The clubs will help in team building, develop leadership qualities and enhance their competence in the chosen area.



Various subjects clubs are formed to enrich students in all aspects such as Science Club, Mathematics Clubs, English, SST and Hindi & Arabic.

The Annual science exhibition is a major achievement by our science club. Students are motivated to be innovative and to develop the scientific temperament. The experiments demonstrated by the youngsters have often baffled the elders. The Math Club which is envisaged as an afternoon activity will go a long way in developing the reasoning power and analytical skills of the young minds.



The vision of NHS is to mould our students into responsible citizens who care for the environment. The vegetable garden in our school in entirely managed by the student members of the Nature Club. They have learnt the basics of cultivation, irrigation, and plant care. Undoubtedly, this valuable experience has given our students a sense of responsibility and awareness of the natural world.